First Monday Gallery Format

Each artist can post 1 pic of of 1 piece of art during an exhibition.

Each pic should have a title, the medium, the size, and the price if needed. This will create your wall space in the gallery, as well as your show card.

Next, place your website, agent, gallery, fan page, or any other link to your work as the first comment in the comment box of your post. this will create your floor space and/or booth for the gallery. Please feel free to try to sell your wares and be as creative as you want with your floor space.

All other posts, pics, comments,and advertisements must be made from your floor space during exhibits. All other posts will be deleted during this time, not as a form of censorship, but as a way to keep the integrity of the gallery space we have created.

All sales are yours and so are the responsibilities for them!!!

The gallery will have a different curator every month. The first curator will pick the next and so on. The curator must be a member of the group and agree to all the responsibilities of the position for 1 month.

The curator will be responsible for creating the facebook event, the theme for it, all announcements, monitoring the event, and choosing the next curator. We recommend that each curator sets up their event page a week or two before the online opening, and the curator make a commitment to watching the page during the show (3-4 hours), and at the top of each hour, post an encouraging message. These details ensure good attendance.

At the end of the night, the curator should publicly pass the baton; let the group know who is hosting the gallery next month, and then be sure to pass on all of the helpful info  through a direct message to the next curator.

This format may be subject to change, so please check the format before posting for events.