Posting Guidelines

The Art and Artists Of (AAAO) network provides artists of all levels and mediums, galleries, arts organizations, and enthusiasts with a place to share their creative-related endeavors and events. With a growing network (area codes 614, 740, 216, and 419), we respectfully ask that members limit their posts to ONE group to avoid redundancy (i.e., the area code in which the member resides); however, we encourage members to participate in conversation in all groups.

To be respectful of all AAAO members, we ask that you adhere to the guidelines for posting:

Let’s network, ask questions, get feedback. Tell us about your exhibit, calls-for-artists, creative opportunities. Show us your work and tell us about yourself, your process, your muse. Post an art-related question — surely someone in the group will have an answer. Use this group to build yourself up.

Note: Posts that are unrelated to the creative arts will be removed. Please respect the mission of AAAO, which is to further the arts within our communities.

No restrictions. Post your work. Please. All types of art and all subject matter are welcome. Show us what you do. (Of course, the caveat is no pornographic, obscene, or racist/homophobic posts will be tolerated. This is a public group. Please use your judgment.)

Leave space for others! We love to see your work, but please be respectful of other artists. We share this page and want to see everyone’s work represented as we scroll down. If you are a member of more than one of our groups, we ask that you limit your image posts to one main group. This is to avoid too much redundancy in our growth. No matter which group you choose as your main one, feel free to add to conversations or start new ones!

Critique + Discuss:
Feedback is great. We all need it to grow. Please keep your feedback productive and technical, and refrain from making it personal.

We encourage discussion, but ask that you word your comments so that they are constructive and positive. Please, no negativity or purposeful provocation.

Of course we expect some conflict; however, members are asked to facilitate negative statements in a positive manner. Many local organizations offer free critiques and experiences that demonstrate how to effectively and objectively critique an artwork. One function of AAAO has been to provide information about when and where such events are occurring within our community, as well as to encourage growth of the artist and the community. We firmly believe that this can be accomplished in a positive manner.