Accepted Submissions for the TacocaT show


2D – Paintings

Allen Schwartz

Cheryl Hance

Donna McCarty-Estep

Erica Ott

Jay Moffett

John K Victor

Katherine Crowley

Michael Guinane

Ralph Walters

Rob Jones

Sarah Griffin

Stacey Diehl

Troy Stith 

2D – Mixed Media/Drawings

Andrea Stern

Brooke Albrecht

Chase Bowman

Chavilah Bennett

Chris Meister

Christopher Tennant

Donna McCarty-Estep

Linda Thornton

Matt Wolcott

Michelle Vieira

3D – Sculpture/Jewelry*

AJ Vanderelli

Alan Reeve

Andrew Lundberg

Cat Sheridan

Eric Shook

Katie Herbst

Ken Goodson

Lisa Horkin

Ric Stewart


Alana Clark

Caroline Kraus

Crystal Tursich

Jenn Brewster

Mark Fohl

Ralph Corriveau

Sara Santillan

Sarah Griffin

Tim Perdue

*Jewelry has been added to 3D, as there weren’t enough entries to fill this category.


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