Walter Herrmann

The Founder of AAAO, and Main Admin Team Member

Walter L. Herrmann was born in Pennsylvania and is strongly influenced by the nature surrounding him during his childhood, as evidenced in his organic style of art. His solo exhibitions are typically large bodies of work with underlying environmental themes.

For Reef, Walter created an underwater coral reef of clay, bronze, and stone that filled the 2,000 square-foot gallery at the Cultural Arts Center. As visitors walked among the art they were invited to move individual pieces of the brightly colored coral reef. Photos were taken throughout the evening as artworks were moved or purchased and carried away, documenting the effect humans have on their environment. The disastrous 2010 BP oil spill occurred just days before the reception for Reef, culminating in a timely environmental commentary.

Harvested Earth was a massive earthworks project created in the brick courtyard of the Cultural Arts Center. This earthwork used materials completely harvested from nature, and ultimately created a micro-environment used by animals as shelter in downtown Columbus. The project occurred over a three-month period when the City of Columbus was not picking up yard refuse due to budget cuts.

Infestation manifested as an installation for one day only, contrasting the permanence of the pieces against the temporary environment in which they were showcased. Visitors were given the location of the installation at midnight the day before, which was installed without the knowledge of the hosting organization. The swarms of visitors served as a commentary on overpopulation and the interruption of humans in the environment.

People are bombarded with information to the point that social problems lose meaning. Walter uses his art to re-introduce these issues to the public in a fun and interactive way, and to bring them back into the consciousness of those who experience his work. For more information on Walter L. Herrmann please visit his website,

Walter’s curriculum vitae can be found under the Notes section of his Facebook page.

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